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Capitalized Letter is a simple and functional online tool with which you can easily convert or go from UPPERCASE to lowercase simply by entering the phrase or text to convert selected from your options.

As a general rule we use capitals for the first letter of proper names such as people, places, place names, institutions, when we name religions, eras or key moments in history, cultures and civilizations, festivals of all kinds, trademarks, titles, artistic works or collections among many others. It is also important to remember the grammar rule that indicates that at the beginning of a sentence or after a period it must be capitalized. Another frequent use is the use of capitals for acronyms in general.

This website is about solving in a very simple way for everyone and online having to change from uppercase to lowercase online or change from lowercase to uppercase in a few seconds. Four possibilities are proposed after entering a phrase or text before converting them:

Capitalize Letters is an easy way to convert from uppercase to lowercase or vice versa in seconds.